Gatherings of Progressives

  1. Firelight – an Easter gathering at Dorrigo

Glennis Johnson has sent the following message to anyone planning to come:

“Some of you are planning to be here over Easter and some of you are still wondering if you can make it. So here’s an update. There is a lovely group of people planning to attend for the whole weekend. But others of you, especially Dorrigo locals, are busy but may be able to make it to one or two sessions.

My suggestion is that there will be two sessions ideal to drop in for – public occasions as it were. The first is Good Friday morning at 11am. Following the welcome to country from one of our local Gumbaynggirr elders, there will be a Good Friday reflection from a progressive point of view.

Anyone coming is welcome to stay on for lunch if they wish.

The second is a Sunrise Service at 6am on Easter Sunday morning. If it is clear, it will be a magnificent spot up the hill, overlooking the rolling hills, to celebrate all that gives hope and nurtures life.

Anyone wishing to, is welcome to stay on for breakfast.

And just a reminder  for those coming from warmer climes – you will probably need a coat at night, and knowing Dorrigo, maybe even during the day. Mind you, if the days are warm, you may want your swimmers as there is a lovely swimming hole at Dangar Falls –  just minutes away.

We are planning to provide meals from the Thursday night onwards. Anyone coming earlier for an extra holiday is welcome, but will need to provide for their own meals prior to the Thursday night. We can also provide bath towels and toiletries for anyone wanting them (in case space is limited in you vehicle).

If you are coming, please let me know of any dietary needs as soon as possible. Thanks.” Email – +++

2. John Everall has sent the following details for a gathering at Caloundra on Palm Sunday:

Caloundra Uniting Church  –  A Gathering of Explorers and Friends of the Explorers – Sunday   14th April 2019   5.00pm in Hall

                               Exploring on Palm Sunday

Each year, our church community gathers, along with all churches in the west to explore the great themes of death and resurrection.

‘We don’t, however, focus on a death and resurrection that took place two millennia ago. Rather, we explore these themes as they are relevant right now in our world, our relationships, and our lives.     However, it is important for many to honour the tradition, while doing so in language, metaphor, and symbol that can be interpreted by anyone to be meaningful regardless what worldview through which they are experiencing it.

That’s one of the things that we and many other worldwide ‘progressives’  do, and struggle to do ,with more integrity each year.’Gretta Vosper-Easter 2018.

Join with us in this April 14th Gathering, as we touch just the edge of the complexities and challenges that resonate with an ancient story but face us at this moment in time, and seek within them the beauty of possibility and hope. 

We especially celebrate New Zealand’s progressive Song Writers, Poets and Theologians, in honouring and support of our grieving brothers and sisters “across the ditch”.   You will be stretched by these Contemporary Songs and real time thinking; experience a short period of directed meditation and quietness; size up the challenge;   enjoy a Contemporary Meditation anduse this and a further extremely challenging poem to interact with your table friends in a ‘Response and Discussion’ period.

We also Celebrate Community in the Tradition of the Meal, taking part in a ‘progressive’ Communion leading us onto our byo Light Finger Food Meal.

So, make a point of freeing up Sunday Evening 14th April, arrive at 5.00pm ( our ‘winter’ starting time)and enjoy friendship, sharing, and stimulating discussion.

Your Leaders for this Gathering are John Everall (Ph 0408 624 570); Hazel Bachler (Ph. 5492 3420), supported by Rev. Kevin Bachler and Musician Wendy Lowry.

Looking forward to seeing you there.”

3. Merthyr (New Farm) Uniting Church Explorers and PCNQ

27th March, 10 am at Merthyr Road Uniting Church

Ian Brown, coordinator of the Redcliffe Explorers, will lead a discussion about some of the contentious issues associated with assisted dying and euthanasia. We’ll be looking at the similarities and differences between a number of cases, including the (fictitious) Last Cab to Darwin story, the final communication from our dear Redcliffe friend and Explorers supporter David Judd, and Prof. David Goodall’s life-ending trip to Switzerland at age 104.

The Queensland Uniting Church Synod has recently consulted on the issue, and its comprehensive Consultation Paper ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying’ is available at It should be noted that responses to the two Synod options are now closed, but it may be interesting reading prior to our discussions. Responses to this close on 15th April.

See earlier posting at: Euthenasia


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