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We would like to share our interest in Progressive Christianity with you.

The goals of the UC Forum are:
(i) To support and grow a conversation within the Uniting Church, and beyond, around the emergent progressive paradigm by encouraging critical thinking and discussion within and across congregations and individuals including people who have become ‘exiles’ because of their opinions.
(ii) Identifying and building up a network of progressive Christians so that all will feel safe in expressing views that may seem different from others in the church community.

Our website is being developed as a safe place to engage in this conversation, to find links to other progressive groups, explore book reviews and articles, find out about events, find welcoming inclusive Uniting churches, advertise your group or seminar and support the growth of the Uniting Church Progressives network.

Uniting Church Progressives (UCP) has the potential to influence the direction of the Uniting Church as it grows in numbers and develops clearly articulated principles and values. Please join us in this enterprise by registering below and visiting our website occasionally.

The UC Forum is not an officially recognised part of the Uniting Church in Australia, but does enjoy good relations with the church leadership and many of the organisations within the church.

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