Who Are We?

The UC FORUM is  a free movement of people who have been brought together by their inspiration from Jesus and a commitment to the future of the Church and the world. Although there are members who have no church affiliation, there are also members from several Christian denominations. From its inception in 2001, the UC FORUM has had a particular interest in the future of the Uniting Church in Australia. This has expanded to the Church as a whole. It aims to bring together people asking questions about the Christian faith. It encourages the church into a realistic re-assessment of the way it engages with the modern world.

The UC FORUM gives expression to a considered, respectful and contemporary voice for the progressive thinkers in the church. The forum addresses many critical issues including education, theology and praxis, communication and governance. It seeks to represent, with integrity, this significant and growing movement of people present in many congregations, as well as those who have become self imposed exiles from the church.

Who are we?

We are a part of a world wide movement that seeks to build communities that accept all who wish to share companionship without insisting on conformity. We realise that following Jesus leads us to act with compassion and to confront evil. We welcome clergy and lay people into the movement.

We use the term ‘forum’ as referring to our aim to draw progressive thinking members of the Uniting Church into open, safe and constructive dialogue that brings into focus the diversity of thinking that exists but has not readily found expression in the church.

We are concerned that our great historical church, so long nourished by the love and dedication of its members, is losing its ability to present the story of Christ in a way which appeals to the present and emerging generations. Further serious decline and irrelevance is inevitable unless some major changes are made to our church culture and our presentation of the Gospel. We challenge the church leadership and its members to recognise the serious situation facing the church and to develop effective strategies to create a renewed, dynamic and relevant Church.