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Project Coordinator – Brisbane

Preamble: The newly released 2013 National Church Life Survey (NCLS) census data about the Uniting Church in Australia reveals an organisation facing some tough questions about the future. Commentators have identified many reasons for a decline in church attendance and a growing lack of interest in the church as an important part of life and community. This problem is not restricted to the Uniting Church. Some progressive thinkers within the Uniting Church, have endorsed the Milpara Project which seeks to address the question of relevance by giving churches and their congregations a new way of relating to their communities by integrating their activities. 

Brief job description: The position of Milpara Project Coordinator consists of a person to assist with the development of the Milpara Project, currently based in the Acacia Ridge community and potentially in all communities. Milpara will encourage churches to share ownership and use of their facilities, help churches collaborate with local communities in capacity building and address some of the social needs of local communities. Milpara is independent of any church but its conceptualisation has come from members of the Uniting Church and the project is initially aimed at ensuring the continuing vitality and relevance of the Uniting Church. While this project is in its formative stage, interested individuals and groups are being engaged in the conversation about its development and the coordinator’s main responsibility will be to develop this conversation and engage in assisting congregations to develop ways to relate to their communities through the facilitation of practical activities.

Specific tasks:

Within the available time and resources:

  • Participate in the continuing development of the Milpara concept.
  • Develop and manage an internet website and other social media to promote the project and share information.
  • Compile and manage a database of all Uniting Church congregations in Queensland.
  • Get to know a specific local community, its socio-economic profile, its church facilities, community activities and groups, and engage with groups and individuals in the community, including local government officers.
  • Nurture the sharing of ideas, successes and failures of integrating communities and their communities.
  • Initiate contact with congregations on a regular basis encouraging involvement in internet conversations about  church and community integration.
  • Meet regularly with the project management team.
  • Respond to reasonable requests from the management team through a supervisor.
  • Work with volunteers and contracted writers to produce documentation of successful integration case studies.
  • Enter into dialogue with stakeholders in the community and introduce them to the Milpara concept.
  • Suggest practical ways in which groups can use local church facilities.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • Either possession of at least an undergraduate degree in education, social work or community development or alternatively had work experience in a similar field.
  • Ability to engage with people in conversation.
  • A positive view of relationships between church and community.
  • Willing and able to work independently.

Lines of Communication:

  • The project coordinator will report to and refer all job questions to the Milpara Executive Officer.
  • The Executive Officer, as supervisor, will consult the project coordinator each week to review tasks and progress and to advise.

 Terms of employment:

  • The project coordinator will be employed on a consultancy basis for an average of fifteen hours a week initially. As the project grows so will the hours of employment. It is not expected that, in the first year, the hours will be greater than twenty per week.
  • The rate of pay will be an all inclusive consultancy rate of $35 an hour. Additional expenses for travel and office materials will be negotiated.
  • The project coordinator will be covered for worker’s compensation.
  • The coordinator must possess own computer, car and driver’s licence. Travel and office expenses will be paid according to an approved plan.
  • The coordinator should be able to work from home as well as travel to Brisbane locations.
  • The coordinator will be formally hired as a consultant by Fresh Steps in Faith Pty Limited, a company registered by the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission under the category ‘advancement of religion’. This company is wholly owned and financed by Rodney Eivers. Mr Eivers would encourage other individuals who care about the future of the Uniting Church to also financially and physically support this project.  The potential for additional funding from grants and other sources is being explored. 

Special Note:

Although this is not an official Uniting Church position the consultant will be encouraged to develop a warm and close professional relationship with UCA personnel, especially officers of the Queensland Synod, Presbyteries and Congregations. 

More Information:

For more information contact by email, providing full name, address and contact details: Dr Paul

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  1. Rosy Stirling

    Yes, am
    Interested,in hearing Greg, but have. To mind grandchildren. Please , send some follow up material on, his talk, if this is your plan.

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    Sorry Rosy,

    Greg isn’t giving a talk. The Lay Forum has been using a participation model rather than a lecture approach. So all the good stuff happens in the forum. We cannot capture this so we don’t publish content from forums. The best thing you can do is to get Greg’s new book Jesus Then and Jesus Now. If you follow our blog you will see other good references. Will keep you informed about other forums in case you can make it. We have one more planned for 2014.

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