Our Second Forum for 2014 – Diversity

Following our very successful seminar on 4th February, we are moving to a more specific focus. The topic is one that has been exercising many minds in the Lay Forum and in similar progressive Christian groups around the world: The What and Why of Diversity.

When?  Tuesday 8th April – 9.30am hospitality – 10am to noon seminar

Where?  Wavell Uniting Church, 147 Rode Road, Wavell Hts, North Brisbane, Q.

Format? A facilitated audience conversation with reflectors and short stimulating video clips from:

Diana Butler Bass, author and historian, who talks about our need for each other and for the diversity of our stories in order to be fully Christian.

Walter Brueggemann, contemporary theologian, advocate and practitioner of  rhetorical criticism, who says the Church needs to rid itself of the dominant ideology of western society – white entitlement, and has the primary task to pull this apart from the gospel so that it can speak critically, with integrity, to our culture. The Church needs to be a truth teller about our society, teach, witness and act out an alternative way, and help to shape public attitudes and practices in a framework of social justice.

Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist, and public theologian, who describes the problem we have made for ourselves:  It is not our different religions that are the source of conflict but that we have built our own identity by enforcing hostility to the ‘other’. This is an identity based on fear. Can we find a way of holding Christian identity which sends us towards the other with love and hospitality? I learn who I am by learning hostility to the other religions – I learn who I am by learning who is against me.


So we can be assured of sufficient seating, space and hospitality, please let us know if you are coming by emailing Paul Inglis. Please send an apology if you cannot make it, so we can keep you informed about future events. A small contribution at the door will help us to defray costs.


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