4 thoughts on “Research: Is morality dependent on belief in God

  1. paul wildman

    Excellent audio clip imo – very relevant topic – thanks UCForum ciao paul

  2. Michael Furtado

    My reflections on the Pew Research interview (for what they’re worth & thanks for asking):
    The American respondent, and perhaps Andrew West’s questions, appeared glib. I’d question the ‘depth’ of the questions asked, which very much appear to cohere with a survey data method that lacks detailed explanatory frames of reference. For instance, there appears to be no evidence for what KIND of religious belief system respondents embraced. A liberal, non-fundamentalist, relativist, Judeo-Christian or Buddhist mindset, with a focus on ‘interiority’ (or spirituality) would appear to register as non-religious according to Pew’s bland categorisations. Who or what respondents actually meant by ‘belief in God’ seems not to have been canvassed or defined. What’s important here is surely the kind of God they believe in!

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