Book Review: Further exploration of Friendship

From our Caloundra Explorers:

Continue a reading of John Smith’s Jesus and the Empowering Influence of Friendship

Chapter 4–6 of John Smith’s book are all about social justice.

The values of friendship

P 106  A progressive Christian can be defined as a person introducing or promoting change gradually or in stages.

P 106-107  We liked this quote from Marcus Borg: One of God’s central qualities is compassion, a word that in Hebrew is related to the word for ‘womb’. Not only is compassion a female image suggesting source of life and nourishment but it also has a feeling dimension: God as compassionate Spirit feels for us as a mother feels for the children of her womb. Spirit feels the suffering of the world and participates in it . . .

P 109  . . . if we truly open ourselves to the feelings of another human being, we risk the possibility of needing to make changes in the way we behave as a friend.

P 112  John Smith’s dream: . . . I strongly believe that if the world were governed by the values that good friends share, then there would be world peace and a significant decrease in the social evils we face in our society.

Where do our values originate?

P 123  We briefly discussed cyber bullying.

Ken Williamson


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