Opinions: Does God Exist – Holland, Meyer and Murray

Thanks to Adele Nisbet for drawing attention to this interesting discussion from the Hoover Institution at our Merthyr Rd Explorers session today:

Recorded on October 17, 2022, in Fiesole, Italy.

Does God exist? Something—a being, a power—that’s supernatural? That is, an entity that we’re unable to perceive with our five senses but that’s still real? Ever since the Enlightenment, the knowing, urbane, sophisticated answer has been, “Of course not.” Now a historian, a scientist, and a journalist talk it over and reveal new threads in the debate around science and theism.

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Tom Holland author of Dominion: the Making of the Western Mind (previously reviewed on the UCFORUM), also known in the USA as Dominion: how the Christian revolution remade the world

Stephen Meyer author of Return of the God Hypothesis: three scientific discoveries that reveal the mind behind the universe

Douglas Murray author of The Strange Death of Europe: immigration, identity, Islam.

Get the coffee going, a quiet space and a comfy chair! Enjoy.



One thought on “Opinions: Does God Exist – Holland, Meyer and Murray

  1. Bev Floyd

    I tend not to rely for insight much on philosophical arguments or ideas proposed by historians, but
    I found this discussion stimulating.
    One of the participants made the point that, after the appalling slaughter and failures of the 20th century, the loss of faith in ‘God’ was more likely to be a loss of faith in ‘ourselves’. But now, in the 21st century, there is new growth. There is a ‘resurrection’ of the idea that we humans beings can (and must) make a difference. Hope is returning. The possibility of ‘God’ being there for us is also returning. War and conflict, disease and famine and poverty, as well as environmental degradation still confront us,
    but the tide has turned.

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