Events x 2: Redcliffe (Q) with John Gunson

Rev. John Gunson

on his book

God, Ethics and the secular society:
does the church have a future?

A retired Melbourne-based Congregational Minister, teacher and writer, John will
present on-screen, encouraging group discussion on topics including:

1st Session: Monday 1st May, 7:00-9:00 pm
Why is the historic church (and religion) dying?  Understanding ourselves in our
secular society.
2nd Session: Monday 5th June, 7:00-9:00 pm
What is the church? And who is Jesus? What has the historic church to do with Jesus and
the Jesus movement? Can it live again in a new form? Is it about more
than social justice?

Please request the Zoom link from the convenor at, including your name and e-mail address

or gather in person
in the Ocean Room, Redcliffe Uniting Church, 1 Richens St., Redcliffe

For an excellent review of John’s book go to Crosslights

“The church’s theologians unfortunately are no help to clergy and lay people who are confronting difficult questions in today’s world because they see their task as defending orthodoxy rather than the disinterested search for truth. On the other hand this book is courageous, honest, helpful and hopeful. You won’t find anything else quite like it.” Rev Colin Johnston

The sessions will begin at 7 pm sharp. Tea and coffee will be available mid-session.
All are welcome, and all points of view are respected.


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