Opinion: Just War Theory Part 1

Thanks to Paul Wildman for this link.

from Frontline Study with Fritz Foltz

Christians have two options when it comes to war. They can either be strict pacifists, or they can espouse a just war theory. The latter is not that easy. Certainly, one of the most difficult ethical issues is drawing up moral guidelines for fighting wars. At every step, you must prevent national self-interest from trumping all other considerations.

Still, most people feel there should be some kind of accountability for actions, even in warfare. That includes rules about entering a conflict, agreements on fair conduct during it, and responsibility after it ends…..

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2 thoughts on “Opinion: Just War Theory Part 1

  1. paul wildman

    Those six criteria make sense (to me). I had not come across these previously. Sadly these render most of the recent conflicts as not justified. I am interested in what others think. Also is 5 out of 6 criteria satisfactory? Thanks to Paul I and Fritz F (US) for this Opinion post. ciao paul

  2. Tim O’Dwyer

    Thanks, Fritz.

    Brings back memories of my pacifist adolescence during the Vietnam War and Conscription when I endeavoured to persuade the Methodist Church in Queensland to offer guidance to our church’s young 19-20 year old men about whether and how they might become conscientious objectors.

    Meanwhile we will all watch with keen interest how the civil criminal justice system handles the current murder charge against the Australian SAS soldier.

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