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Newsletter February 2023


February was a busy month for our group. Our zoom meeting dealt with the topic of “an Adult Faith”. A highlight of our discussion was the suggestion that we should give the greatest weight to eyewitnesses of Jesus’s life (namely the four evangelists) rather than present day scholars and authors. This prompted debate about the background of the evangelists’ stories, the unrecognised gospels of Thomas, Philip and Mary Magdalene, as well as the extent to which the original manuscripts were edited later by well-meaning writers to protect “orthodoxy” against “heresy”. We also touched upon the development of the Canon of the New Testament during the second and third centuries, founded in a worldview, formed by Plato and Aristotle, with its final adoption by the Council of Rome in 382CE.

Also in February, a number of additions were made to our Facebook page, including

  • A brief book review of “The Lost Art of Scripture – Rescuing the Sacred Texts” by Karen Armstrong and reference to the Charter of Compassion.
  • An article by Ilia Delia about “Why Tradition Matters”.
  • A reflection on Mindfulness in a Busy World.
  • Reports on the Catholic Church’s Synod on Synodality including addresses by Francis Sullivan and Patricia Gemmell.
  • An Anglican Church podcast on the tradition of Easter.

What’s on in March?

Where is the Christian story going? Our Christian story as we currently understand it has been developing over 2,000 years. The first phase encompassed flexible faith communities sharing their experiences of God in Jesus and the Spirit. The second phase, beginning in the fourth century saw the gradual development of a structured church, patriarchal and pyramid in authority. It was clerical, male and European centred. Vatican II marked the beginning of a third phase, in which we can contribute.

There are some who think that the bible should be believed on the basis of its literal translation, some who believe that centuries of old habits, practices and beliefs are inviolate, should never be changed. Yet there are others, conscious of new knowledge in quantum physics, psychology and other fields of study, who believe that this new knowledge should be incorporated in our understanding of theology today, that just as God is dynamic, revealing itself through continuing evolution, that our belief system should also expand. A new understanding that originates about 13.7 billion years ago, encompasses all of creation and not simply humankind over the last 2,000 years.

This can potentially lead to a life affirming theology and even a paradigm shift in our worldview, a new and deeper understanding of the emerging Christianity story.

Butterfly Series – Next Meeting

At our March meeting we are fortunate to be able to consider a paper “What now for the Christian Story” prepared for us by Kevin Treston. Kevin has sixty years’ experience in ministry, particularly in adult faith formation. He has a PhD awarded by the University of Notre Dame and has pursued post-doctoral studies in Washington, Chicago and Boston and is the author of several books. He now lives in Brisbane with his wife Kathryn and we are delighted that he will join us to discuss his paper.

Kevin’s paper is available on our Facebook page or you can simply email us and we’ll send it to you. There is no obligation to join our meeting.

Our Episode 16 meeting will be held on Zoom at 6:00pm AEST on Tuesday 21 March 2023. Come early to meet the others there. Use this link to join the meeting. The zoom meeting will open at 5:45pm.

To register your attendance, please email John at
If you are concerned about your ability to participate in these zoom meetings, we can accommodate you by simply allowing you to listen. Just let us know.

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