Recorded Event: The Voice with Everald Compton

You asked for it. Here it is. The unedited video of Friday’s Seminar with our respected friend Everald Compton giving a balanced overview of the Referendum on the Voice to Parliament while declaring his own decision to vote YES.

There is a 25 second lead on the clip.

Presented by the Progressive Christian Network Queensland and the Merthyr Road Explorers at the Merthyr Road Uniting Church, New Farm, Brisbane on Friday 17th February 2023.

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Facilitator: Dr Paul Inglis, Moderator UCFORUM and Chair PCNQ.





2 thoughts on “Recorded Event: The Voice with Everald Compton

  1. Paul Inglis Post author

    As always, Everald brings a unique ability to appeal to a wide range of Australians: a charism that I suspect arrived with the early Methodists and which they brought from England, where a sense of the social gospels has been their great gift to the broader culture. I first encountered Everald when he addressed an ecumenical meeting at Bishopsbourne, where Felix Arnott took the chair and Frank Rush offered a vote of thanks. The issue was the contentious one of ending apartheid by securing the release of Nelson Mandela. Everald covered the compromises reached by de Klerk & Mandela and explained how vitally important it would be for the churches to support the changeover, not simply in support of paramount principle of justice but also to avoid years of pent-up frustration and a consequent retribution that risked a bloodbath. In that instance he made the best case I’ve ever heard for a Christian to be involved in politics (which many of us are wary of), explaining how important it was that Desmond Tutu had a role in the transition. I therefore felt that Everald adding his stature to the case behind the Voice greatly influenced the nature of the questions asked, which in the instance of apartheid were fiery and placed emotion above commonsense and self-discipline, a matter very ably addressed by the Chair. Thanks, Michael Furtado

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    Thanks Michael, Everald is an inspiration to many and has remarkable resilience and consistency with a huge heart for others in the Jesus way. Paul Inglis

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