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St Lucia Spirituality Group
Newsletter December 2022

It is worthwhile reflecting on what has happened in our group since our first newsletter in August 2021. Our mailing list now numbers approximately 80 and our private Facebook group has grown to 46, a diverse and multi-denominational group. We have held 14 meetings on zoom with up to 10-12 participants, and there is a small group that meets for a monthly breakfast. Several have commented favourably on their experiences participating in our group and how it has benefited them.

Over the course of our meetings, we have considered a range of topics:

  • A model of the two halves of life, the second embracing a search for a spiritual life
  • The future of Christianity
  • Suffering and loss
  • An introduction to Ken Wilber’s model of human development embracing waking up, cleaning up, growing up and showing up
  • An introduction to meditation and its benefits
  • Praying with scripture
  • Historical influences on beliefs
  • Schisms in the church and
  • Understanding the meaning of kingdom of God

More broadly, we have considered the need for a coherent world view and a religious framework that makes sense to us, so we seek to reframe discussion responsive to the need for an adult faith cognisant of current knowledge. Sr Ilia Delio, renowned Franciscan, theological scholar and authority on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, writes:

“At the Center for Christogenesis, we are keenly aware of our fragile world, but we see things from a new perspective.  We see the power of divine love at work, pushing through the limits of the world to shape us into something more beautiful and whole. We see a new role for religion to catalyze our energies, to nurture a zest for life.  We see a role for science revealing the secrets of nature, showing us the incredible and infinite potential of nature to do new things.  We see Science and Religion as partners in the overall flow of life. This is not a dream but our deepest reality. The Center for Christogenesis is committed to a new vision for a new world.  We do not seek to repeat what we have inherited; we seek to build on what we have inherited by looking at it with new eyes and seeing what has not yet been realized. For without a vision, the people perish.” (December 2022, our italics added for emphasis).

Quite appropriate, we think, even exciting for this points to a religious framework that is life giving and fulfilling without seeking perfection or focusing on sin management.

Yet we are also aware of the dangers of holding our beliefs too tightly. Firstly, just as we think the beliefs of two millennia might be founded partially on erroneous knowledge, in time to come, we may well be thought of as ignoramuses!  And secondly, Judy Cannato’s observation in her last book, Field of Compassion, as she was dying with cancer, that holding on to beliefs too tightly leads to judgements that get in the way of love.

That is why we ended our last meeting considering James Finlay’s (Faculty, Center for Action and Contemplation) quote about our loving response to the will of God:

“What is God’s will? All things considered, what is the most loving thing I can do right now? For my body, for my mind, for this person, for this relationship, this family, this plant, this animal. This world, all things considered, how am I going to live my love? “

Thank you

We would like to send out a big thank you to our supporters and correspondents whose reflections, constructive comments and insights have assisted us on our faith journey and have led to improvements in our leadership of the St Lucia Spirituality GRobert <>roup.

Butterfly Series – Next Meeting 

Our Butterfly Series is now in recess until next year, our first meeting will likely be late in January or early February, we shall provide more information in our January newsletter. It will continue our theme of exploring adult faith education.



5 thoughts on “News: Newsletter from St Lucia (Brisbane) Spirituality Group

  1. Paul Mavromatis

    Robert Hi Thank you for your update in ‘Newsletter from St Lucia.’ I was quite inspired by a couple of things in particular. Firstly the comment “Holding onto beliefs too tightly leads to judgements that get in the way of love.” Such a true statement that often plays out in the public arena as some religious person or other utters a condemnation of some or other members of society. This in turn reinforces the views of other secular members of society that Christianity represents disdain, intolerance and perhaps even hate. The flip side for me personally as I apply my progressive attitude to my Christian beliefs is to to sit with uncertainty. Then secondly struggle with how to allow God to guide when I’m uncertain of my own position on a particular perspective.

    So the second question you quote beginning “What is God’s will?” is a wonderful guide. How do we go about our lives whatever the issue, with the thought foremost in our minds “What is the most loving thing I can do right now?” This sits so beautifully as a foundation to dealing with uncertainty.

    Thank you Robert for some simple inspiring spiritual wisdom. As I started my day with the distracting influences of everyday life, I found solace in those words.

  2. Bev Floyd

    I think you’ve accidentally put
    your reply to Paul and to ‘Sacred’ in the wrong place.
    The article you attached may well be OK to people who are more philosophically learned than I am, but I find it difficult to follow.
    I’m not in the theological tradition so I don’t find myself dealing with it too much. Nor am I into trading philosophical views. I’m sure people who study philosophy can gain something useful but for me it isn’t practical enough. I like down to earth statements… simplicity… clarity… because it helps us turn our ideas into action.
    I suppose that’s why I relate better to what and how Spong wrote.

  3. paul wildman

    Thanks Bev I appreciate your taking the time to take a view of my view and basically I agree.

    Thanks also Tim i appreciate the link you included and have started reading it. Cupitt i can, mostly, understand and this is a well written link.
    ciao paul

  4. Robert

    Thank you Paul for your affirming remarks. Much appreciated.

    If you’d like to receive our newsletter directly or join our Facebook group just let us know.

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