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I reckon it is when something is the best we can do. When someone has achieved something they had to work very hard to achieve. When there is exuberant joy and positive goodness… beauty and truth. And maybe there are other things that should be on this list.

I recall the pastor of a church once bringing a young man to the lectern and introducing him. The lad was recovering from a drug addiction and he wanted to share with the congregation his commitment to keep going until he was once again well and free of his addiction.

He played a guitar and sang… and it was possibly the worst guitar playing I’d ever heard. Same with singing… his body was wasted and he could hardly hold a note. Yet somehow, he did what he was there wanting to do and took a step into a better future.

For me, that was a sacred moment. Whether it was the loving care of the pastor, the halting step forward by the young man or the reverence of people in the room, I’m not sure… but somehow we were all moved. Something important happened.

That took place in a church, but every day, in all the nooks and crannies of life, sacred moments  are happening.

A rescuer is winched down into a rough sea to save someone in danger of drowning.

A young woman in Iran who  understands the consequences yet still  demonstrates against laws forcing women to wear traditional clothes and not to be able to choose what to wear.

A child sits with a placard in front of her school and her commitment is so strong the whole world will soon be following her example. The ordinary lives of parents are filled with many sacred moments… the joy, the love, the trust of a child as they grow in goodness are very special events.

There’s sacredness in the life of plants and animals… in the world of nature and the universe of galaxies and planets stretching out beyond the reach of humanity.

Some might not call these things ‘sacred’ but I do. The wonder and awe of the natural world is very comforting. The courage and commitment of people to be the best they can and to reach out to help others, even to risk their lives for others, is my definition of sacred.

I reckon there is a path, a journey, we and the world are travelling. We may not yet see the goal clearly, but each act of kindness, each acknowledgement of the beauty and power of nature, each act of love and sacrifice, moves us a little further in the right direction.

Bev Floyd




3 thoughts on “Opinion: Sacred

  1. paul wildman

    Thx Bev i understand your point – for me its finding the sublime in the mundane and maybe thats what happened with the guitar playing by the druggie bloke – good point.

    Tim i dont understand your statement please explicate. thx ciao paul

  2. Bev Floyd

    I’m nervous when I hear those words. What do we mean when we say them? I rather think it our duty to respond positively to the best in life and leave the negativity to others.

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