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Dear Explorers

For those who have been following:

We have had the final session of our book study of John Humphreys’ Our benevolent cosmos. We had a lively discussion around these key moments:

Subjugation of women in the Church

P 108  We watched the short video How Jesus’ female disciples were erased from history:…wiped-from-history/news-story/b398dbb1e22d44e9b20b2f82ebea9516

P 111 ‘Nature, like Scripture, remained a male preserve—the domain of Mathematical Man alone.’ (Wertheim in Pythagoras’ Trousers)

P 111  ‘In this 21st century, we need to progress towards a higher degree of authenticity which moves beyond adherence to traditional religious dogma and yet maintains the jewels from the best elements of Christianity.’ This is much the same as what George Stuart said in his book Starting all over again? Yes or No?

Answering the sceptics

P 113  To illustrate the fact that scientists don’t know how life originated on Earth we watched this New Scientist video:

P 115  ‘The followers of some religious organisations, imbued with collective biases and outdated dogmatic principles, do not always equate to the lives of soulful, conscious and deeply moral humans with a deep connection to Source (or God).’

Towards the intersection of science, spirituality, religion and history

P 117  ‘Today’s scientists have more in common with the mystics than do many religious people.’ (Rohr)

Reflections for Christian adherents

P 121  ‘The revised concept of God, the inspirational life of Jesus, and the inner essence in all humankind (divine spirit, soul or consciousness) can still be argued to represent a Trinity. . . If prayer is your ultimate comfort, pray to God as the Supreme Cosmic Intelligence, to Jesus Christ as the great Prophet of Love, and pray for the intuitive wisdom to discover your inner, pure essence.’

We wondered how these statement would be received in a traditional church service.

What is God?

P 123  John uses the term energy in at least four different ways—energy in a light bulb, dark energy, negative energy in a room and the negative energy in the theory of a zero-mass universe, explained in this YouTube video:

Final reflections

P 125  ‘This inner consciousness can be termed the God Essence, the Divine Spirit, the God Within, the Deep I, or more simply the Soul.’

P 126  ‘The concept of God being the underlying supreme intelligence, the benevolent and pervasive energy behind all things, earth and space, is arguably a more cogent view than the outdated image of God as a paternal, judgmental figure residing in a place called heaven.’

P 130-131  John explained the background of his prose/poem The cycle of life where water is used as a metaphor for birth, career, retirement and death.

We certainly got a lot out of John’s book and we hope you did too. See you on Sunday.

Ken Williamson



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