Resources: Poem – “Love is the Answer”

Love is the answer                                                                                                                                  by Bev Floyd

‘Love is your last chance.

There is no other reason for living.’

said my 92-year-old friend.

Yes. Love is the only answer

to this weary world’s woes.


Love that does not blink

when faced with all the

silly nonsense people think

but carries on regardless…

giving a helping hand…

saying a kind and thoughtful word

as if it hadn’t heard.


Yes. Love is the best answer

for an angry child…

a spiteful woman or a raging man…

deep strong, unwearying love…

that helps them to be calm

and settle down. Just love.


Just love… when all the forces

of hatred and injustice

swarm about like killer bees

intent on retribution.

Only love can heal the anger and dismay…

take the pain, the guilt away.


Only love is strong enough

to do what must be done…

to persevere

and hope the best

will soon appear.


Love, which does what must be done

without a thought of self…

love, so tough it won’t be bent

but does what it is meant

to do… for others.


Yes. Love.  Just love…

which brings the sinner

and the saint together.

For even sinners can learn to love

and saints are sometimes weary.


5 thoughts on “Resources: Poem – “Love is the Answer”

  1. Lesley

    Thanks for the poetry. Great message; some great images; some poetic phrases and lines but a tweek or two could turn it into something wonderful, and memorable – and worthy of performance, and use in worship services – well I think

  2. Bev FLOYD

    Now you have me on tenterhooks wondering which lines might be happily ‘tweaked’. Paul will give you my email address if you would like to get in touch.

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