Event: Merthyr Road (Brisbane) Explorers

Naming the Unnameable: Searching for the God tree

Invitation to Friends of PCN
Merthyr Explorers on 30th November
Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Rd, New Farm.
10 am for morning tea
(a few contributions to this will be welcome)
10:30 am we begin our exploring of the topic.

A donation of $5 towards costs is appreciated.

Naming the Unnameable:
Searching in the woods for the God tree.

In their search for God, Christians have restricted their gaze to one tree in the theological woods – the three-branched Trinity Tree.   As J. B. Phillips wrote way back in the mid-20thcentury – “your God is too small”!  Contemporary theology, philosophy and very importantly, science, have expanded the view of the woods to take in so many more of the trees.    Those are not just the trees of other faiths, but the scientific trees all around us and the trees of mystics both ancient and very modern.

Join Lorraine Parkinson as she explores the many advances in science that are making exciting connections with the sacred.  She will also offer a strong possibility for naming the unnameable.

(Rev Dr) Lorraine Parkinson is a biblical scholar and theologian, and ‘somewhat of a mystic’.  She has explored the faith from a point of view outside traditional boundaries. That has allowed and encouraged her to see the ‘biggest picture of all’. Come along to find out what that picture includes.

This will be the last meeting of Merthyr Explorers for 2022. We look forward to more interesting topics to explore in the last Wednesday of each month, February to November
Several folk enjoy further fellowship at Moray Cafe after the gathering. You are welcome to join us.

Kind regards
Desley Garnett



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