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Dear Explorers

We struggled a bit with the first half of Chap 2 in John Humphreys’ Our benevolent universe, but we found the second half a very moving experience.


P 61  We had to think about Deepak Chopra’s idea of the soul as a ‘bundle of consciousness’ but it made more sense as we continued.

P 63  We enjoyed the Stephen Hawking quote: At some point during our 13.8 billion years of cosmic history, something beautiful happened. This information processing got so intelligent that life forms became conscious. Our universe has now awoken, becoming aware of itself.

P 64  ‘Something transcendental is involved with the mind, consciousness, and the path of awakening—call it God, Spirit, Buddha-nature, the Ground, or by no name at all.’ (Hanson & Mendius)

P 65   We struggled a bit with Tolle’s ‘the brain does not create consciousness but consciousness created the brain, the most complex physical form on earth’.

P 6   We applied Tolle’s ‘collective pain body’ to the intergenerational trauma experienced by our indigenous people.

P 67. Ilia Delio says ‘Evolution brings with it a rise of consciousness, and as consciousness arises, so too does awareness of God.’ We also watched this video:

Unveiling our divine light

P 68-69 ‘We reach our pure, divine essence through deep meditation which provides the portal for the inner stillness, the inner presence.’  John read the poem Meditation and eternity that he wrote after just such an experience.

Dissolving in a sacred sphere of stillness

Connecting with a creative consciousness

Merging with the mystical union of all living beings

With nature, and all things seen and unseen

Regenerating through an emanating Life Force

Deepening our relationship with the Infinite Source

Comprehending with curiosity that you are one

With the earth, the sky, and galaxies beyond

Soften your heart and seek your inner light

Illuminate your being in a transcendent love

That enfolds humanity in a peaceful embrace

We are children of the cosmos, travelling in stardust

Transforming our bodies and nurturing our souls

Merging with eddies of energy and luminous light

In brilliant colours radiating out from your core

Then returning anew to this material world

Refreshed and enlightened in our physical form

The interconnection of all

P 71  ‘A man is like forest, individual yet connected and dependent on others for growth.’ (Mogi)

P 71 Central to what John says in his book are the ideas of quantum physics, so I showed the video What can Schrodinger’s cat teach us about quantum mechanics?

P 72  Compassion is ‘the glue that holds the world together.’ (Tibetan master)

What happens before and after death?

P 74  Speaking of a near-death experience Moorjani says: ‘I was overwhelmed by the realisation that God is not a being, but a state of being, and I was now that state of being . . . I realised that the entire universe is alive and infused with consciousness, encompassing all life and nature.’

P 75 To help explain quantum consciousness I showed the Stuart Hameroff video Secrets of theSoul – The Investigators – Quantum Activity (1.48 min)

P 76  Dyer says ‘Once you get past the fear of death as an end, you merge with the infinite and feel the comfort and relief this realisation brings.’ He says you can do this ‘by seeing yourself as an infinite spiritual being having a human experience, rather than the reverse . . .’

Acceptance of suffering and surrender to death

P 77 ‘ . . . rather than simply dying to save us from our sins, Jesus was also showing the world the path to surrendering (in his case to physical death on the cross) and total acceptance of what is, into which he was forced by his intense suffering.’—something to think about!

Next Tuesday we study the first half of Chap 3 The birth of the next reformation p 79–106.


Our final Gathering for the year will be held on Sunday 20 November from 5.30–7 pm in the Caloundra Uniting Church hall. Our guest speaker will be John Humphreys whose book Our Benevolent Cosmos: Embracing the Mystery of Life we are presently studying.


John’s life experiences have inexorably led him to the writing of this book, which blends together his career in science, technology and innovation, his personal spiritual journey, his interest in research and his love of art and literature. In the book he also reconciles his earlier religious upbringing with more contemporary understandings of What is God?

We have been very privileged that John has attended our book studies to share some of his life experiences and help us understand the concepts he has developed in his book. As a culmination of our study of Our Benevolent Cosmos and our year-long exploration of What is God, John has agreed to be our guest speaker for our final Gathering. So I hope many of you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to embrace the mystery of life with John. As usual there will be a shared meal, so bring a plate.

Ken Williamson  




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