Next gathering at Redcliffe with Lorraine Parkinson

I’m very pleased to announce that our dear friend Rev. Dr Lorraine Parkinson has kindly agreed to present to our Redcliffe gathering on Monday 7th November the talk she gave earlier this month to our fellow Explorers in Caloundra. In this presentation Lorraine explores the issue of Naming the Un-nameable: Searching in the woods for the God tree.

In their search for God, Christians have restricted their gaze to one tree in the theological woods – the three-branched Trinity Tree.   As J. B. Phillips wrote way back in the mid-20th century – “your God is too small”!  Contemporary theology, philosophy and very importantly, science, have expanded the view of the woods to take in so many more of the trees. Those are not just the trees of other faiths, but the scientific trees all around us and the trees of mystics both ancient and very modern. Join with us in Lorraine’s exploration of the many advances in science that are making exciting connections with the sacred.  She will also offer a strong possibility for naming the un-nameable.

Lorraine is a biblical scholar, theologian and author, and considers herself ‘somewhat of a mystic’.  Exploring the faith from a viewpoint outside traditional boundaries has allowed and encouraged her to see the ‘biggest picture of all’.  Come along on Monday 7th November to find out what that picture includes!

As usual we’ll meet in the Function Room at Azure Blue (91 Anzac Ave., Redcliffe) at 6 p.m., with coffee and chat until 6:30. If you’re not a regular Explorers attendee, please be aware that the security gates at Azure Blue are locked early in the evening, and won’t be attended by a key-card holder until just before 6 p.m. For more information about the group or access to the venue, please call Ian on 0401 513 723. Hoping to see you there!




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