Report 2: Caloundra Explorers and ‘The Benevolent Cosmos’

Dear Explorers

John Humphreys’ Our benevolent cosmos is only a little book, but it is sure giving us a lot to think about. We are trying to follow John’s advice to ‘read slowly and mindfully’.

We talked about the Celtic Tree of Life and enjoyed John Philip Newell’s quote on p 11.

The universe is like a mighty river in flow. From that single stream, smaller streams emerge.These are to be celebrated and cherished, each one absolutely unique, never to be repeated again—that blade of grass, that autumn leaf, the countenance of that child, your life, my life. Then we dissolve, merging back into the flow, our constituent parts to emerge again in new formations further down the river. The universe wastes nothing in its endless unfolding.

We watched a short video of an interview between Oprah and Eckhart Tolle;

Eckhart Tolle’s definition of God (3.22 min)

P 15  ‘Only a totally committed atheist could claim the absence of a mysterious intelligence underlying all that is seen and unseen (in the cosmos).’

P 17  A quote from Margaret Wertheim in Pythagoras’ Trousers: ‘Physics . . . is a science based on a conception of God as a divine mathematical creator.’

P 18. ‘The traditional Christian concept of God, external to the secular world and who sits in judgement on its sinful inhabitants, needs reassessment in the light of contemporary theological review and scientific findings.’

Another video Deepak Chopra on meditation & spirituality (1.51 min)

P 19–20 An Andre Auger litany:

God, You work…

In the accelerating expansion of the universe

In the spiralling of galaxies

In the explosion of supernovas

In the singularity of black holes

In the regularity of the Solar System

In the equilibrium of the Earth’s ecology

In the evolving of a society

In the functioning of our organs

In the chemical processes within our bodies

In the forces within the atom

In the ‘weird’ behaviour of quantum particles

P 20  Tolle states that ’the radical (and much needed) transformation of human consciousness is called enlightenment in Hindu; salvation in the teachings off Jesus; and the end of suffering in Buddism.’

P 24  A quote from Dr Kenneth Miles: ‘Mathematical simulations have shown that small changes in just a few, or sometimes only one of these (cosmic) constants would disturb the natural processes they determine to such a degree that life would not be possible. This finding is compatible with the existence of a Creator God.’

Because the book talks about force fields and energy fields I demonstrated how you can show the invisible force field around a bar magnet.

John’s summary of Chapter 1: ‘God was unmanifested energy before the Big Bang. Afterwards, God’s loving Divinity was manifested and progressively revealed through an expanding, benevolent, evolving and intelligent cosmos. All humans share their oneness in this earth with the natural, living world. We are form expressions of the Divine Power, and co-creators of the evolving cosmos.

Next Tuesday we will study the first half of Chapter 2 Unveiling your pure essence—or ‘God within us’ p 37–60.

Ken Williamson


2 thoughts on “Report 2: Caloundra Explorers and ‘The Benevolent Cosmos’

  1. Bev Floyd

    Thanku. I was quite interested in this report.

    I’m not sure that I agree with the description of the cosmos as ‘benevolent’… well, not entirely,
    as evolution goes along without much care for the likes of plants, or animals or people. However,
    if a longer view is taken it may turn out to be true. Eckhart Tolle is coming to Brisane next year. Perhaps we could organise a group trip?

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