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Redcliffe Explorers:

Greetings all,

For various reasons we’ve decided not to hold our usual monthly gathering in October. We’ll let you know as soon as possible about the November programme.

Shalom, Ian.

St Lucia Spirituality Group:

Telling our faith stories – Dr Kevin Treston

We write to draw your attention to Kevin Treston’s latest book because its themes resonate strongly with our objectives at the St Lucia Spirituality Group.

Kevin has been involved in adult faith education and ministry for over sixty years throughout Australia and many countries. His qualifications include BA(Hons) MA (Hons) MEd. PhD and post-doctoral studies in Boston, Chicago and Washington. He resides in Wilston, Brisbane.

In reviewing the book, Peter Maher, editor of The Swag, a national religious affairs publication, writes:

“Hans Kung tells the story of a journalist who asked Kung if he believed in the resurrection. Kung’s answer was that, as a Catholic, he believed in the resurrection, but the real question is not whether he believed in the resurrection but rather what the resurrection means.

Kung’s point is that we are no longer in a world where doctrinal affirmation or legal regularity rings true to people trying to understand and navigate the modern world and the existential angst and confusion of the world of quantum physics and an evolving universe. We live in a new world where change is the existential reality in which we make meaning.

Treston is making much the same point in this book. In the 21st century, the gossamer truth of gospel spirituality and practice expressed in a genuinely Catholic way will enshrine the gospel values and Catholic tradition but will need to be articulated and expressed in today’s cultural and historical context. Things once relevant to Catholic life in the 12th or 18th century may be expressed and lived in different ways in the 21st century. Change has always been a constitutive element of Catholic tradition.”

John Scoble has read the book. He liked Treston’s plain English explanation of concepts and admitted to a great deal of confirmation bias, as he found he was agreeing with many of Treston’s propositions. John also noted that as an experienced adult faith educator, Treston posed important questions for a faith seeking reader to consider.


Caloundra Explorers:

On Sunday evening many of us had the pleasure of listening to Rev Dr Lorraine Parkinson’s presentation titled Can we name the unnameable: Searching in the woods for the God tree. It was a wonderful link from Gretta Vosper and George Stuart to our next book study and Gathering on Our benevolent cosmos: embracing the mystery of life by John Humphreys.

Lorraine told us about the many people who have experienced the mystery that we call God, from a 10 year-old girl lying on her back gazing through a blooming apple tree at the blue sky beyond, to many great scientists, composers and organists. She quoted the last sentence of Stephen Hawking’s A brief history of time.

‘If we do discover a theory of everything . . . it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would truly know the mind of God.’

Lorraine gave us so many things to think about it is so hard to remember them all, but one that hit home for many of us was ‘Love is God’. Hopefully later in the year I may be able to send you a copy of her presentation that you can digest at your leisure.


Dayboro Explorers:

Our group has been meeting for several years and only recently adopted the name Dayboro Explorers. We meet after morning tea and after the 9am service on the fourth Sunday of the month. We welcome newcomers. The last two sessions focused on anonymous questions about the Bible put to a panel for their responses. Many of the group go to a local cafe for lunch after the meeting.


Progressive Christian Network Victoria

The 4th Roy Bradley Oration 2022
to be delivered by Linda Walter

The Strength of Kindness and the Courage to Grieve
Sunday 16th October 2022 at 2.00pm (AEDT) online via Zoom
RSVP by Thursday 13 October to or call 0408 586 297
A zoom link will be sent by Friday 14 October. This is a free event; donations are appreciated.

In times of desolation, as we are learning right here, right now, it’s hard to know if anything can make a difference. How do we care for those who are faithfully serving us, for those whom we love and depend upon? In their weariness, can we protect them from disillusionment and despair? Or is the task of a rather different nature?
How might we keep company with them in the dark places of their (and our own) fear and sorrow and grief? Is there any hope to be found? These questions lead us to the heart of the mystery of God. While finding the courage to grieve is central to this path, it is often the strength of kindness that helps us take the first steps.

Linda Walter has worked in nursing, hospital chaplaincy, bereavement counselling, psychotherapy, and spiritual direction. While a pastoral counsellor at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, she taught postgraduate nurses and medical students. She has conducted bereavement support groups and facilitated grieving among health professionals and lectured at Yarra Theological Union on “Death, Grief & New Life: Conversations of Faith”, and led clergy retreats. Linda has been active

in the Christian feminist movement and co-authored, Women of Spirit: Woman’s Place in Church and Society. She now enjoys retirement with her husband Nick in Anglesea, along with family and friends who stay often in what is affectionately called their bush mission hospital.


Merthyr Road, New Farm, Explorers

Our group meets at 10am on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 26th October, and we shall be giving details of that session shortly.


Progressive Christianity Network, South Australia.


Hope in a time of impending catastrophe.

October 13th RICK SARRE
Freedom in the context of a global pandemic.

October 20th      ESMOND DOWDY
Worship for postmodern times.

October 27th      HELEN PHILLIPS
The significance of the interior life to global concerns.

For bookings:

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Address: 26 King William Road, Wayville SA
Office Hours: Tues – Fri, 10am-2pm


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