Connecting up people in isolation

Our efforts to find people who would like to be in an email discussion group because they can’t access any of our seminars has not at this stage produced significant numbers. The invitation still stands. We had a handful of people who like the idea but this is really not enough to generate worthwhile conversations. In the meantime we will interpret this as telling us that the regular posts from the UCFORUM are providing most people with all they need. We are always open to suggestions.



7 thoughts on “Connecting up people in isolation

  1. Kim

    Hi Paul, Interested, but not via email. Email discussions and threads are a pain in the neck and very awkward. On-line forum on a web page is much easier for me.
    Love the posts on your site. Would love to meet regularly with like-minded people but they are hard to find. I think a forum would be very helpful.

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    Lots of people say similar things to us thanks Kim. Hopefully interacting with the posts will help for the time being.

  3. Tim O’Dwyer

    One’s faith (or religion) is, I feel, more for living out than talking about,

    All power, though, to progressive folk who wish to share.


  4. Paul Inglis Post author

    For some sharing is an opportunity to clarify one’s own understandings and to get a conversation going that grows the thinking of all parties.

  5. Ingrid Mary and Robert Hindell

    I will be VERY interested in a Zoom discussion group – sa, once a month?

    Jai Guru Dev [“Hail Divine Teacher”]; this means I’m acknowledging the ‘spiritual’ spark in you as we are all each other’s teachers,

    [Mrs.] Ingrid Hindell
    No 1, Unit 1, Torquay Road,
    Belmont Geelong, 3216,
    Victoria, Australia

  6. Paul Inglis Post author

    Thanks Ingrid and Robert. Keeping that idea on hold until we get a workable number of interested individuals.

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