A new initiative – Finding similar minded people

You are not alone.

Often we receive requests for information about other progressives living in a particular area. Sometimes we are able to link people up but all too often we are unsuccessful. There are many individual subscribers who are not near seminars or progressive congregations or prefer not to be involved with organisations. They are thinkers and readers and often tell us they enjoy our posts but would like to chat to someone and share their own thoughts in a safe setting.

We are also often asked how many progressives are there? The good news is that there are thousands and the numbers are growing. We have hundreds subscribed to the UCFORUM and many represent groups or partners. They share what we publish and often have group discussions around our postings. We are also linked to major groupings in Australia and overseas such as the Victorian, South Australian, Queensland, and Western Australian Progressive Christian Networks and smaller groups across denominations and outside of any church affiliation in most States. It is also wonderful to have many subscribers from overseas, in particular New Zealand, USA and Great Britain.

To try and fill a need we are inviting individuals who have no contact with a group of progressives to let us know whether they are willing to be in an online group.

This would simply involve these people providing their email address to the group and whenever they wanted to, raise issues, comment on readings, express opinions and react kindly to each other’s thoughts. There are ways to agree or disagree that are friendly and in 22 years we have never had evidence of any nastiness. You can be in the group and not comment or just occasionally comment or make a brief comment. Or you can try to stimulate conversation with something challenging or controversial!

So, if you are one of these people, and want to participate in our UCFORUM ONLINE GROUP just drop me a line by email and I will make up the group. Be aware that in this group you will share your email address and can drop out by request to me at any time. You can chat with one or all of the group.


Paul Inglis


3 thoughts on “A new initiative – Finding similar minded people

  1. George Stuart

    At Toronto Uniting Church, we have a group which meets fortnightly on Thrusday afternoons between 2.00pm to 4.00pm at various people’s homes. The group comprises of people who are all over their 70’s so we are an old group and may not suit younger people. Also the time of meeting may not be convenient. Nevertheless we invite people to consider to join us. We have studied material from Living the Questions and other ‘progressive’ material. If you wish to contact us, you can contact me at george.stuart@exemail.com.au and dicsuss the matter further.
    If there is some interest, I am very open to the possibility of creating a new group in the Toronto area to meet at a different time and as frequently as is decided by any future group.

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    That is a great offer George. We are seeing new groups popping up all the time and it is nice to have them open to others in their area.

  3. Bryan Gilmour

    Thank you Paul and George for opening time and space for interaction , comment and question from an ever widening group of “life explorers”.
    Really interested and happy to be part of that stimulating community.

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