Book of interest available from author

by George Stuart

George says: “If you are wanting to buy a copy of my book, ‘Starting all over again? Yes or No?’, I have some at present, available for purchase at $25. Please contact me on”

John Smith has this to say about George’s book:

““Starting all over again? is a timely book from a man of faith, because it provides encouragement and wisdom for all who are struggling to find a faith grounded in honesty, integrity and most of all in compassion. George is well known by progressive Christians for his composing of modern lyrics expressing the theology that has developed as a result of his search for his unique spiritual voice. Christians seeking to express their spiritual beliefs have been blessed by George’s compositions (Singing a New Song), because they can now sing with integrity as well as passion. For all who are searching for a faith with integrity George’s book is a must read.”


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