Events: Stage 2 – What is God? Caloundra Explorers

We will soon be moving into stage 2 of our exploration of the question What is God?

Our first book study starts on Tuesday 19 July at 2.30–4 pm in the Weyer Room of the Caloundra Uniting Church, when be will be discussing George Stuart’s wonderful book Starting all over again? Yes or No? I have included a plan for this study over 6 weeks. Rev John Smith, a leader in the progressive Christianity movement in Australia, had this to say about George’s book:

Starting all over again? is a timely book from a man of faith, because it provides encouragement and wisdom for all who are struggling to find a faith grounded in honesty, integrity and most of all in compassion. George is well known by progressive Christians for his composing of modern lyrics expressing the theology that has developed as a result of his search for his unique spiritual voice. Christians seeking to express their spiritual beliefs have been blessed by George’s compositions (Singing a New Song), because they can now sing with integrity as well as passion. For all who are searching for a faith with integrity George’s book is a must read.”

Starting all over again? Yes or No? by George Stuart
July-August 2022
Tuesdays 2.30–4 pm in the Weyer Room
Week 1 19 July
Introduction and Area of questioning 1—Biblical God (p 16–64)
Week 2 26 July
Areas of questioning 2, 3 & 4—Sin & redemption (p 65–96)
Week 3 2 August
Area of questioning 7—The Bible (p 161–234)
Week 4 9 August
Area of questioning 8—Creator God (p 235–286)
Week 5 16 August
Area of questioning 10—Prayer (p 303–331)
Week 6 23 August – Area of questioning 11—Life after death & What comes next for me? (p 332–



I know it is early, but I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether you plan to attend this book study.

Ten people already have copies of George Stuart’s book (389 pages) and there are two more on order. So I have another eight that you can order from me for the bargain price of $25.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ken Williamson



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