Request for information (voluntary)

Thank you for journeying with us.

With the steady and continuous growth of the number of subscribers to the UCFORUM we are keen to know where you come from. This is a voluntary exercise and in no way will your name be linked to a location on our blog. Two questions:

  1. If you attend a church we would like to add this detail to our list on the blog.  Name of Church, Location and Denomination?
  2. Where in the world do you live? Country, State, Town?

Of course, if you want to tell us more or send a photo, or tell us your story and interests we are very interested. We want to make sure our posts are matching interests and needs.

If you want to share an opinion, something you have read, or an experience that we can post and share please drop it on us.

If there is a link relevant to progressive christianity that you would like us to consider adding to the blog, please give us the details.

Send any of this information to



Dr Paul Inglis, Moderator, UCFORUM.


15 thoughts on “Request for information (voluntary)

  1. Judith Lewis

    Dear Paul
    I sometimes attend a uniting church either Ascot Vale (mostly progressive) or Coburg (more progressive). Both have attendees from various backgrounds and are welcome all sorts.

  2. Lynne Pantaur

    I’m a member of St Paul’s Stafford, Uniting Church in Australia.
    Although I no longer believe in much of the Theology of Christianity eg the Holy Trinity, Jesus as the Messiah who died on the cross for our sins and that he is the Son of God, the Resurrection, Heaven/an afterlife and so on, I maintain church membership as I like belonging to a community of people who hold similar values. I like the fact that the Uniting Church is not hierarchical and that women have always been able to take on leadership roles.

  3. Helen

    Hi Paul,

    In answer to your questions…

    I am from Toowoomba, Queensland Australia.

    I am not currently attending regular services anywhere at the moment.

    With thanks,

    Helen Robinson

  4. Ann & Gavin Gray

    We attend Denmark Uniting Church, W A.
    As lay members who take church services, we appreciate the UC Forum theological articles & discussions, commentary on newly published books and of course the occasional & most helpful liturgy material.
    For all of the above we are most thankful!
    Ann Gray.

  5. Richard Larsen

    My background is Uniting Church.

    I tend to take in the service at St Michael’s Uniting, Melbourne, on-line most weeks.

    I’ve become very progressive in recent years as a result of: prolific reading, teaching all the religions, post-graduate study and personal growth/experiences.

  6. Graham McAnalley

    I am a UCA Minister of the Word (retired) – in my 90th year.

    I attend The Avenue Uniting Church, Blackburn, Victoria. I am currently a member of the Church Council

    I live in Vermont, 2 suburbs from Blackburn.

  7. Wayne Sanderson

    Hi Paul,
    I belong to the UCA, Chermside and to St Mary’s in Exile, South Brisbane.
    I belong to an ecumenical family. We live in Chermside.
    Thanks again for the fruits of UCP,
    Wayne Sanderson

  8. Tim O’Dwyer

    I am a Uniting Church member at St David’s UC Coopers Plains, Brisbane, Queensland, where I occasionally attend services. But mostly I am responding to a prophetic calling beyond the church.

  9. Kerry Kelly

    Hi Paul

    I am from the southside of Brisbane and no longer attend any church.

    I enjoy the teachings of Richard Rohr, Peter Enns and would consider myself a Universalist


  10. Peter Lewis

    I attend St James Anglican Church in the parish of Gold Coast North.

    I would label myself as a liberal evangelical Anglican. Anglican because I was brought up as an Anglican and I like the dignified Anglican way of worship. Evangelical because I believe that my faith should be Bible-based and I think Christians have a responsibility to spread the good news of God’s kingdom. Liberal because I do not read the Bible literally and I see nothing wrong with women priests or gay people. I do not believe in the virginal conception of Jesus or in his bodily resurrection. My understanding is summed up in the article that I wrote for UCFORUM entitled ‘Jesus was different’.

  11. Warren Rose

    I have been a member of the Uniting Church since 1977, although the last ten years has been a time of exile for reasons that were beyond my control.
    Since moving the Brisbane, my wife and I have been attending Dayboro UCA from late 2021. We find the church family welcoming and inclusive. Some members are interested in progressive Christian thought. I now describe myself as a Partner of Jesus of Nazareth (borrowed from Everald Crompton).

  12. John Squires

    I’m John Squires—bald, bearded, bespectacled, an inveterate blogger on “An Informed Faith”, a Uniting church minister, and Editor of With Love to the World. My home church is Tuggeranong UCA in the south of Canberra, although my role as Presbytery Minister can take me to other UCA congregations on occasion.

    I value the diversity of material that comes my way via UCForum: it can be affirming, challenging, infuriating, encouraging, and provoke all sorts of reactions as a consequence!! But it is good to be invited to think and explore issues so consistently and helpfully.

  13. Lesley Shaw

    Thanks for the wonderful replies. All very affirming. Feel I’m among like- minded people which doesn’t make for complacency but gives a feeling of warmth. Wish I could make it to meetings. Wish I had the courage to test the waters at the church where I guess I’m still on the roll.

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