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Newsletter May 2022


Firstly, we are examining the possibility of holding hybrid meetings that enable us to combine a physical meeting, for those who desire it, with simultaneous access to Zoom to enable those unable to attend to participate. There are both physical (suitable venue) and technological (audio and visual) barriers to overcome in order to achieve this. Unfortunately, we cannot report any progress on this ambition, so our next meeting will be held on Zoom.

Butterfly Series – Next Meeting on Episode 8, Showing Up

Our meeting to consider “Showing Up” will be held on Zoom at 6:00pm AEST on Tuesday 24 May. To obtain your preliminary reading material and to register your attendance, please email John at

Butterfly Series – What’s Next?

This meeting will conclude our examination of Wilber’s model of human development as a guide to understanding how we growing spiritually, along with what we understand our growth into maturity as adults looks like. Our meetings have produced thoughtful and constructive conversations that have expanded our views.

Ultimately, we are all looking for a coherent narrative that helps us make sense of our place in the world, that enables us to enjoy fulfilling and fruitful lives. Yet, it can be challenging to reconcile what we now know through academic and scientific research, as well as personal experience, with what we have learnt from our school days about religion.  For example, consider the alternative views of the origin and evolution of our universe or in psychology and social behaviour.

Cognitive dissonance is the term psychologists use when there is conflict between our existing beliefs and new information that we know to be true. There are many theologians who are examining these issues and their work is accessible through their books, podcasts and videos. They lead us in re-envisaging long established ideas that incorporate new knowledge in a way that makes sense to us, that leads us toward a new worldview and thereby enables us to overcome the cognitive dissonance. This can move us towards paradigm shifts in our thinking.

As we embark on examining new topics for our meetings, we shall explore some of these new developments. Just as longstanding beliefs such as the divine right of monarchs, the acceptability of colonialism and slavery, and the subjugation of women have been found to be deficient – even when justified through reliance on literal interpretations of the bible – we can reflect on these new areas of study and determine what we think to be more credible.

Some of these studies re-imagine concepts such as the creation story, atonement theory, salvation and resurrection, for example. As a result, our enhanced understanding can lead us to grow spiritually and to become more fully the people God desires us to be.

We would also be keen to hear from members if they have questions or subjects that they find particularly perplexing or interesting. We want to build the Butterfly Series on the foundation of members’ experience.

Anglican Synod

You may be aware of this synod meeting last week and reported in several articles in the Australian. This synod is the first since the legalisation of mixed marriages in 2017.  There are fears that the opposing views on same sex unions, on the one hand, but also whether or not these unions can be blessed, might lead to a schism in the Anglican church in Australia. There is discussion on these articles on our FB page if you are interested in seeing it.

Our Facebook Page

The St Lucia Spirituality Group is a community seeking to develop a more mature understanding of what lies at the core of spiritual beliefs, embracing explanations for the nature, meaning and purpose of life. We currently have 33 members on our private Facebook page, of whom about half are active.

Interaction is the lifeblood of a community. Therefore, we wish to encourage you to make posts on Facebook about questions you are considering, books you have read, interesting podcasts you have listened to or videos you have seen. Furthermore, we would ask you to invite friends who you think may be interested in spiritual enquiry and development to join us. You could share this newsletter and invite others to our next meeting.

The primary purpose of our newsletter is to supplement our Facebook page and to keep you informed about our activities. We invite you to find our FB group by clicking on this link, it will take you to our page where you will be able to apply to join.

If you are not a Facebook user, we can help you set up your account with maximum privacy, you can be anonymous and even use a nick name or an alias if you wish. Consult Robert or John if you want help.

You can also contact us by email

Go well…
John Scoble & Robert van Mourik


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