New book: Faith and the Concept of God

This small book by Rev Bob Ridley is available at the following link including a foreword by Rev. Dr Lorraine Parkinson.

Acknowledgements and explanation

This paper probably began with a pastoral visit to John Bodycomb and Lorraine Parkinson where, as usual, I gained more than I gave. We spoke of the meaning of God and the effect on prayer.

Not long after John took leave of this world, but Lorraine continued to encourage me in my thoughts and, when Covid gave the gift of time, to continue some initial notes. She continued to read the developing pages and to make extensive suggestions and correct many of the typos and poor phraseology. Despite her own considerable knowledge, she always encouraged me to record my own thoughts and never tried to direct or change them other than in improving the expression.  Lorraine also kindly wrote a foreword when the work was complete. I am grateful to them both for their generous time and sharing of their amazing scholarship and now it is time to record where my thinking is at present.

Some friends and family have taken the time to pore over a number of drafts and make comments and suggestions and raise their own questions. My thanks to all of them.

This is not a scholarly paper but a record of my own journey and current conclusions. I chose not to include references to keep the flow and avoid distracting the reader, but it will be evident that many great scholars have seeped into my consciousness and contributed to my development. My gratitude extends to them and their constant quest for truth.

My aim is not to produce a final solution in any sense but to encourage honest and respectful debate. Any contribution to this debate will be welcomed.

Bob Ridley, January 2022.


4 thoughts on “New book: Faith and the Concept of God

  1. Tim O’Dwyer

    It has disturbed me for some time that Jesus did not appoint one of his disciples to be his scribe. Just like Jeremiah’s Baruch, this literate disciple could have written down all of Jesus’s teachings on scrolls. These may have obviated the need for much of the spoken material later recorded in the Gospels.

    How different would being followers of Jesus be if those definitive and accurate writings had been included in what became our New Testament.

    Can you picture Jesus sitting down every couple of days with his scribe to review what had been recorded? And Jesus might surely have suggested that lots of copies be made for distribution among the other disciples and his many followers.

    And for good measure, he might also have cautioned his followers to not to hide the scrolls away in urns as the Qumran Community would later do.

  2. Ken Williamson

    Thank you Ray for your wonderful novelette ‘Faith and the concept of God’. I very much appreciated your honest and personal account of your journey with Jesus. Our Explorers Group at Caloundra is exploring the big question ‘What is God?’ this year, and your Covid musings will be a big help.

  3. Paul Inglis Post author

    It is available in this post link and you are free to copy if you want Jill.

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