Caloundra Explorers asking the big questions

Dear Explorers

What is God? That’s a very big question and we plan to spend the whole year exploring it. There will be three Gatherings and two Book Studies addressing this question from different angles.

First Gathering  8 May  With or without God: Why the way we live is more important than what we believe

John Everall will lead a virtual Q & A session with Rev Gretta Vosper, who he met in Canada.

First book study  19 July—23 August

Starting all over again? Yes or No? by George Stuart, author of Singing a new song

Second gathering  11 September  Ways Christians see God

Back by popular demand, Rev Dr Lorraine Parkinson, who now lives on the Redcliffe Peninsula

Second book study  11 October—15 November

Our benevolent cosmos: embracing the mystery of life by John Humphreys

John is a member of our group and his book blends together his career in science, technology and innovation, his personal journey, his interest in research and his love of literature.

Third Gathering  20 November  Our benevolent cosmos

John Humphreys wraps up our exploration of What is God?

Our planning group is excited about this program, and I will email you details throughout the year.

Ken Williamson


3 thoughts on “Caloundra Explorers asking the big questions

  1. Tim O’Dwyer

    All power to you and your fellow explorers, Ken.

    In passing, you might like to check out Lloyd Geering’s CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT GOD.

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    I have a spare copy of CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT GOD and happy to post to you if you want it Ken.

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