Project: Producing a Curriculum on the Wisdom of Progressive Christianity for Teenagers

By: Members of the National Common Dreams Team and Representatives from Explorers Groups around Australia

Youth Values

Group Of High School Students Giving Piggybacks In Corridor

Young people have the experiences, ideas, and ambitions to make a better world for everyone.

Young people have been resilient in the face of a global pandemic, growing inequality, wars and the threat of climate change. These problems impact everyone but will have the greatest impact on young people’s futures. And yet often young people are being ignored and disregarded while these problems persist.

Young people don’t just want to be heard. They want a seat at the table to create change for everyone. They are putting their hands up and want to be a part of the solution of the world’s problems.

Our Vision

To empower youth, young adults and parents to understand the authentic teachings of Jesus and enjoy their own identity and feel able to apply their learning and contribute to a better society.

You can help

We are in the phase of gathering ideas and opinions. Already we have initiated brainstorming amongst friends which has helped us to draft some thoughts on what values drive young people today, what principles they aim for, what knowledge they seek, what aspirations they have for the world, and where the teachings of Jesus would help them find their own identity and role in creating a better world.

But we need to get closer to the thinking of young people and you can help.

We need your feedback in three forms:

  1. Identification of any publications, research or projects that you know about that focus on youth values, preferably in an Australian context, but not only.
  2. Results of a conversation you have with young people that identifies their response to the following question:

What concerns you about our world and your future life?

This should be a relaxed conversation, not an interrogation. The teenagers could be your own, your grandchildren, young people at church, or young people you know. It could be a single young person.

  1. Any work you are aware of that is being done on such a project already. We are aware of the work of and the curriculum for younger children called Joyful Path. Several congregations are using this now.

We have been given access to some very useful resources of progressive Australian theologians and educators also.

What to do with your feedback

Please send your feedback to Dr Paul Inglis. Thank you in anticipation of lots of feedback.


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