A temporary hiccup in the delivery of Rex Hunt’s wonderful resources

Rex Hunt has sent this message to all who use his resources:

Due to changes at my server and then a new server not coming up with support/assistance when similar issue arose, my web site: www.rexaehuntprogressive.com   is down.

For a while I thought I had lost everything.

But with the help of some very talented friends in Canberra a new-look web site will emerge from the ruins. I am still hoping to retain its name.

But all of this will take time.

So my sincere apologies to those of you who have used my site/resources, etc in the past.

It is my hope things will resume shortly. In the meantime if there is some resource you would like I will see if I can search the raw stuff on my computer and supply – or something similar. But I don’t have everything and believe it or not, not all backups are helpful or complete.


So please stay with me. (Even though I reckon my life-span has been reduced some 10 years or so!)

And when my new site (hopefully contents at old www address), I will again let you know.




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