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The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria

invites you to explore

“AFTERLIVES: Jesus in Global Perspective”


Rev Dr Greg Jenks

Sunday 27th February, 2022 @ 4:00pm – 5:30pm (EADT – Melbourne time)
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“AFTERLIVES: Jesus in Global Perspective”, edited by Greg Jenks, is an international collection
of essays exploring the impact of Jesus within and beyond Christianity, including his many
‘afterlives’ in literature and the arts, social justice and world religion during the past 2,000 years
and especially in the present global context. This volume is not an exercise in Christian apologetics, nor is it an interfaith project; except in the sense that many of the contributors are from a Christian context of some kind, while many others are from other religious and cultural contexts.
The book is being published in the Westar Studies Series and is currently with the publisher. It is
expected to be released in late 2022. Arthur Dewey, editor for the Westar Study Series, has
described the book in these terms: “This is a remarkable volume! It has so much to offer. Most
importantly, it is filled with voices, of history, of intersection, and of peoples so often unheard.” Greg has just retired from his role as Dean of Grafton (2017-2022) and was previously the Dean of St George’s College in Jerusalem (2015-2017). He is well known to many members of PCNV through his involvement in the Common Dreams project, and has spoken at various PCNV events over the years. He is now Director of the Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History at St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane ( ). He has written several books, including Jesus Then and Jesus Now (2014) and The Once and Future Scriptures (2013),
and edited several others, including the new collection.
Advance Notice: Our March meeting (Sunday 27th March) will feature Greg and scholars involved in the book, in a Panel Conversation.



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