Opinion: A renewed sense of the possibility

Thank you John Scoble from the St Lucia Spirituality Group for this insight which seems to be apposite for all our Explorers groups:
A Gathering of Loved Ones
In episode 1016 of On Being, Krista Tippett reads an extract from a book by Rachel Held Evans. It struck me as particularly apposite for our St Lucia spirituality group.
“Faith in Jesus has been recast as a position in a debate, not a way of life. But the truth is … I’ve found people to be much more receptive to the Gospel when they know becoming a Christian and being a Christian doesn’t require becoming a know-it-all. That is a form of faithful freedom too. There is liberation in not having to know everything and not having to impress everyone with that boundless knowledge … And many of us have found a renewed sense of possibility when we’ve realized how much of God’s beauty remains to be explored — and that the life of faith is also a life of holy curiosity. Anyway, most of the openhearted wanderers I’ve encountered are looking not for a bulletproof belief system but for a community of friends, not for a spiritual encyclopedia that contains every answer but for a gathering of loved ones in which they can ask the hard questions.”

6 thoughts on “Opinion: A renewed sense of the possibility

  1. Brigid

    Yes that is certainly what I am looking for a gathering where I am not nervous to ask the hard questions as part of a “life of holy curiosity” . Thanks John.

  2. Tim O’Dwyer

    Many years ago (circa 1973) the late Rev Dr Noel Preston observed to a gathering of early progressive explorers in his home:

    “God is relationships.”

  3. Lesley Shaw

    An open hearted wanderer – holy curiosity – relationships- yep that all fits. And also partly explains why I don’t currently attend “my church” . I got tired of pretending to believe /express what I thought my fellow congregants believe ( but then who really knows what anyone else really believes ?) – and reasonably certain that a different view would not be welcome – or at least would not be open for discussion.
    But then I suspect I’m just a coward and not game to test the waters! Perhaps even some members of my conservative congregation would like to venture into those unplumbed waters of belief.

  4. Paul Inglis Post author

    Thankfully, there is a growing number of places that are open, inclusive and do not ask for conformity to one set of ideas.

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