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One of the great challenges for the UCFORUM has been how to respond effectively to the many people who request information about progressive congregations and individuals in their area. Some would like to join a church where diversity, inclusivity and exploration are practiced. Others are looking for intellectual challenge in the teaching and activities of a congregation. Many are just looking for other individuals like themselves who think outside the box, or cannot abide literal, non-critical interpretations of scripture. Often people in the latter group don’t want to associate with a church because of their experiences. They just want to join a small group of people that can encourage each other in their life journey. There is obviously a significant number of people looking for progressive friends. They get a lot out of the UCFORUM but personal contact with like-minded people would be wonderful.

We find it difficult to give a satisfactory response to all the inquiries from all over Australia because we just don’t have sufficient information about our many subscribers and our need to abide by privacy protocols. We are constantly on the look out for congregations where progressives would feel comfortable and make that information available.

We have links to the major progressive groups in each State and Explorers groups that we know about so sometimes we can pass the inquiry onto to them.

The most recent request came from someone in Toowoomba. If you come from that area and are willing to be a ‘friend’ to another progressive there please send me an email –

If you have any suggestions about how we could improve our response to inquirers please also email me with your suggestions.





4 thoughts on “Finding progressive friends

  1. Elizabeth Burns

    Albany WA has a group that meets on a Tuesday morning to discuss anything and everything, Christian or not. We welcome those for whom ‘formal’ church no longer meets their needs. We have been meeting for about 14 years, numbers usually around 10-12. We are multi denomination and there are no right or wrong views- simply honesty. All are welcome

  2. Brian Reep

    Unless you speak to my deepest self I must remain lonely ( speaker unknown). I am willing to engage in conversations by E—mail but cannot go to anyone because of mobility issues.

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