More on ‘What is a Progressive Christian?’

Another member of the UCFORUM has put the most recent post on this topic through a filter of simplification with a few extra thoughts. Thanks Bev Floyd for this contribution to the conversation:

By calling ourselves Progressive Christians, we mean we are Christians who…

 1.  Follow the teaching and example of Jesus. Show compassion and selfless love, feed the hungry, heal the sick, visit widows and those in prison.

 2. Take the Bible seriously but not literally and learn also from indigenous people.

 3. Acknowledge a role for continuing scholarship in the field of progressive Christianity.

4. Search for ‘truth’, question, listen carefully to others and try to understand their point of view.

 5. Stand up for justice and honesty; care for the environment; spend time in prayer, meditation or contemplation.


One thought on “More on ‘What is a Progressive Christian?’

  1. Lesley Shaw

    Love the simplicity! I could embrace that! But once again some difficulties – once you start being specific – “widows” “prisoners” – eg – then what about the others – my 90 year old never married living alone friend? Yes I agree increasingly about learning from “indigenous people” but why only indigenous people?
    I find myself going back to the Beatitudes. Now there’s simplicity but comprehensiveness. But thanks Bev – if I could live up to your five points I’d feel I was well on the way. Love to you Lesley Shaw

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