Caloundra Explorers gathering

Our last Gathering for the year is on Sunday 14 November from 4.30pm to 6pm in the Caloundra Uniting Church hall. It will be a panel discussion on the topic:

When faith meets reason: Talking about our journeys in ‘progressive Christianity’

I’m delighted to announce our four panellists:

Sylvia Douglas

Helen Hamson

Ray Barraclough

Ruth Wishart

Each panellist will speak for up to 10 minutes and respond to questions. There will be a short liturgy conducted by Margaret Landbeck, followed by a shared meal where we can continue our discussions about our faith journeys. Bring a mask just in case.

Sallie McFague (an American feminist Christian theologian), in her book Models of God, describes her journey like this:

Theological constructions are ‘houses’ to live in for awhile, with windows partly open and doors ajar; they become prisons when they no longer allow us to come and go, to add a room or take one away—or if necessary, to move out and build a new house.

Looking forward to seeing you on 14 November.

Ken Williamson


1 thought on “Caloundra Explorers gathering

  1. Paul Inglis Post author

    Sounds good! Should be very revealing and helpful.
    Extending Christmas blessings to all
    Lesley Shaw

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