Update PCNet South Australia – Seminary of the Third Age

We have received the following information from the PCNetSA:

Seminary of the Third Age sessions are always videoed, and people can view these videos on the Effective Living Centre website:


Great to have this link included on UCFORUM as well – people can watch from interstate at their leisure.

The Effective Living Centre is the “parent” organization of PCNetSA, and the other links you have included – EAG, Social Issues, Sacred Creative, Poets Corner – are other “Task Groups” within the ELC.


Fergus McGinley , Chair ELC Management Committee and member of PCNeTSA Task Group

and further from PCNetSA

Please visit our website at www.pcnetsa.org for up to date information with regard to PCNetSA events, including Seminary of the 3rd Age. You can email us at contactpcnetsa@gmail.com.


Maureen Howland, for PCNetSA committee


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