What about conspiracy theorists? Redcliffe (Q) Explorers

Yes indeed! What about conspiracy theorists?

Over the last few years we’ve heard a lot about fake news, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, Q-Anon, anti-vaxxers, climate deniers, and even the ‘Flat Earthers’. In the face of what most folks would consider incontrovertible evidence, what is it that leads some to mistrust people of authority? And how do we talk to a family member, friend, or colleague who’s been seduced into a totally irrational belief system? Is it possible, in fact, to have a rational debate with these folks?

Our own practising psychologists and counsellors Meryem and Greg Brown will reveal some of the neuroscience and common psychological predispositions behind these potentially destructive ‘phenomena of the mind’ at the next Redcliffe Explorers gathering, on Monday 4th October. Greg suggests that beforehand you might find it useful to read or listen to a talk on this topic by British social psychologist Professor Karen Douglas, accessible via this link: https://www.apa.org/research/action/speaking-of-psychology/conspiracy-theories.

We’ll meet from 6 to 8 p.m. in the ground-floor activities room at the Azure Blue Retirement Complex, 91 Anzac Ave., Redcliffe. As usual, everyone’s invited to participate in our lively discussions. If there are any changes to the Government’s health advice it would be wise to give Ian a call (3284 3688 or 0401 513 723) to check whether the meeting is to go ahead as planned. The current Covid-safe conditions will be observed, and you’re urged to stay at home if feeling unwell, and of course get tested if you have any Covid symptoms.



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