John Shelby Spong – Rest in Peace and Love

Some words and thoughts from Bishop John Shelby Spong (1931-2021):

Gratefully received … greatly missed.



8 thoughts on “John Shelby Spong – Rest in Peace and Love

  1. Lesley Shaw

    I’ll miss knowing that John Shelby Spong is in the world – but his books are on my shelves so I know his wisdom will continue to influence and inspire me. A great day when he filled the Albert St UC . Such a wise reasonable gentle man.

  2. Brigid Limerick

    John Shelby Spong will be sadly missed by so many people as he gave us courage to return to Jesus and travelled with us on a journey of deepening and acting out our faith in the 21st century.

  3. John Gunson

    Spong was one of the few who could write about “academic” Biblical and theological matters in a way that non theologically trained people could understand. Most scholars write for their peers. Spong wrote for “the person in the pew”.

  4. Desley Garnett

    I remember hearing John Shelby Spong speak at Albert St UC many years back – long before I had heard anything about Progressive Christianity and long before I began to look seriously into this new thinking – well, new to me! My husband and I walked out of the church saying “Well, you can’t argue with that!” when he had encouraged us to look at the passover in Egypt from the perspective of the Egyptian people. Where was the God who loved and cared for all people in that story?
    I guess he helped me to start allowing my long-held doubts about the theology I was espousing to come to the surface and discover that I could re-think those doubts and questions and engage honestly with Christianity in the light of much 20th Century scholarship. I will always be thankful for his honest approach and his ability to communicate to those who have not had Theological training.

  5. Mark Young

    I enjoyed his later book on John’s Gospel very much. Also, his talks at Pitt Street Uniting and in Brisbane. I didn’t always fully understand his arguments but I knew he was breaking ground in my heart and in the wider world. What a great gift Bishop Spong was and is.

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