Dayboro Explorers -26th September gathering

The theme for our next Dayboro (Q) Explorers gathering on 26th September is

OUR BLESSINGS                                                      

Glynn Cardy’s A Book of Blessings takes the Jesus tradition in new directions. He well understands that the blessings of God are found in the ordinary, the familiar, the day-to-day. He affirms that blessings may be experienced and celebrated in unexpected situations and people.

This is a collection that inspires, delights and encourages. A Book of Blessings is in itself a blessing to the community called the church – and well beyond the church – for all who share a love and appreciation of everyday people and the richness and the ordinary of their lives.

In the Jewish and Christian traditions, blessings are generally looked for in extraordinary people and situations. And in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, the declarations of blessedness reflect Jesus’ approach of turning expectations upside down so that it is the poor, the sick, the bereaved who are declared blessed by God. Strange and unexpected beatitudes!

Here is a sample of Rev Cardy’s poems. Others will be shared at the meeting. What blessings do you have in your life?

Blessed is the world where the weak

Blessed is a world where the weak
are protected, none go hungry,
and the benefits of life are shared
Blessed is a world where everyone
is treated with dignity and respect,
and all know a safe place called home
Blessed is a world where animals
and plants, the land and oceans,
are respected and cherished.
Blessed is a world where peace is grounded
in justice, justice is guided by love,
and love is gifted unconditionally.
Blessed is a world where with courage,
kindness, and grace we stand together,
and create this vision of hope.

Venue: Dayboro Uniting Church, Williams Street, Dayboro, QLD.

Morning Tea: 10am

Discussion: 11am

Lunch at Rendezvous Noon (RSVP for lunch essential by 23rd September)

Visitors welcome.



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