The Afterlife – A SoFiA (Melbourne) Online Lecture

SoFiA – Sea of Faith in Australia

Saturday 28 August 2021, 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

“The Afterlife?”

Graeme Lindenmayer (eBook: Agnosticism: The Third Perspective’)

will present the topic and lead the discussion.

ZOOM Link:

Meeting ID: 844 2879 0669 – – Passcode: 317145

~ Promoting the open exploration of religion, spirituality and the search for meaning ~

All viewpoints welcome.  Enquiries: –  SOFiA Website.

Facebook: ‘Sofiatalk‘  Your opinions would be appreciated in the ongoing conversations.


2021 – Future Topics:

25 Sept.  – “A Progressive Spirituality for the 21st Century” – John Noack.

23 Oct.    – “Cosmic Consciousness: From Plato to Jung” – Dr. Nicholas Coleman.

27 Nov.   – “History of Australian Religiosity and Spirituality” – Dr. Neville Buch

SOFiA is a network of Australians interested in openly exploring issues of life and meaning through reason, philosophy, ethics, religion, science and the arts.

SOFiA’s aim is to promote non-dogmatic discussion of cultural, social, philosophical and religious issues.

Members of the SOFiA Network feel free to draw on the rich philosophical and spiritual heritage of the past but do not feel bound by it.


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