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Starting All Over Again? Yes or No? by George Stuart

Ken Williamson, convenor of the Caloundra Explorers makes this observation:

“At my visit to the Merthyr Road PCN group in May, Rodney Eivers recommended George Stuart’s book Starting all over again? Yes or no? So I ordered a copy and read it. And wow, it is one of the most honest accounts I have read of the ‘progressive Christianity’ journey. He looks very carefully at the many beliefs the church has taught him throughout his life and undergoes a process of ‘faithful questioning’. From his position as a panentheist there are some things he has to reject and some things he feels he can hang on to. George is the author of Singing a new song, and there are many of his hymns throughout the book. For me the most dramatic thing in the book was his rewriting of the ending of the parable of the Prodigal Son (p 83-85).

The book is available electronically on George Stuart’s website and you are welcome to copy any of the book for discussion in study groups. Rodney Eivers has a few copies of the book for sale. I thoroughly recommend it—fantastic for discussion.”

Ken Williamson

See also our review of George Stuart’s paper Truth Telling About the Bible .


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