Progressive Christian Poetry and Performance

At last Wednesday’s stimulating seminar led by Tim O’Dwyer, Tim made reference to David Keighley. Rev Keighley is a retired Anglican priest in the United Kingdom who has turned to Progressive Christianity for inspiration in his writings.

His interest in progressive Christianity started with correspondence with Don Cupitt at Cambridge and studying under the American progressive Bishop John Shelby Spong, who published David’s poem “Leaving Home” in his global newsletter in 2007. David’s anthology of progressive Christian poems for rebellious Christians, Poems,Piety and Psyche”was published in October 2020 by Wipf & Stock (USA).

Poems, Piety & Psyche” is also the name of his one-man show, based on his life as poet, rebellious priest and psychotherapist. The evening is a mix of progressive Christian poems exploring the state of the church and contemporary theology, anecdotes about 40 years of being a rural parson and insights into the human condition from the viewpoint of a counselling psychotherapist.

The show “Poems, Piety & Psyche” presents a fusion of the changes in church life and church people he has experienced over the years, the paradoxes inherent in theology, faith and belief, the abandonment of faith by today’s generation, the impact of modern neurology on the working of the mind, linked through the medium of his progressive, challenging Christian poetry.

More information about David can be found at David Keighley where information about purchasing his new book is available also.


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