Redcliffe PCN Explorers meeting August 2nd.

Greetings fellow Explorers

You’ll recall that we had to postpone last month’s meeting because of Covid restrictions. In view of this, we intend to discuss the same topic – What is the importance of Ritual in our lives? – at our next gathering, on Monday 2nd August.

There are many activities which we do routinely in our daily lives, for a great variety of reasons. We might think they are ‘rituals’, but are they just ‘habit’? Dr Google suggests that a ‘habit is something done repeatedly for the purpose of performing the action itself, while a ritual is something done repeatedly with a purpose outside the action itself’. At our August gathering Vicki Alsop will lead a conversation about familiar rituals (including the sacraments) and ask us to consider whether the line between habit and ritual can sometimes be blurred. She will draw on insights from our fellow PCN Explorers at Merthyr Rd U/C who will have discussed a related topic, under the guidance of Tim O’Dwyer, at their meeting next week.

Local health regulations permitting, we’ll gather between 6 and 8 p.m. on Monday 2nd August, in the ground-floor activities room at the Azure Blue Retirement Complex, 91 Anzac Ave., Redcliffe. And of course everyone’s very welcome to participate in our lively discussions. If there are any changes to the Government’s health advice it would be wise to give me a call (3284 3688 or 0401 513 723) to check whether the meeting is to go ahead as planned. Also, if you haven’t been to one of our meetings before, you might call me for advice on access and parking arrangements.

The current Covid-safe conditions will be observed, and of course you’re urged to stay at home if feeling unwell or get tested if you have any Covid symptoms.




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