Is Progressive Christianity a threat to the church?

Threat, Challenge or Opportunity?

A response to the Internet article by Alisa Childers

Alisa Childers

Link: Five Signs Your Church Might Be Heading Towards Progressive Christianity

Rodney Eivers

                        4th March 2021

            I rather like this article by Alisa Childers, extracted from the Internet.

            Although her position on Christian faith is not my own, I acknowledge that she knows what she is talking about. This is in contrast to so much comment on a topic from one side or another when neither side is prepared to listen to or understand that other. Alisa’s 5 signs shows that she has done her research and can write from a knowledgeable base. Her approach contrasts clearly the difference between traditional orthodox Christianity and “progressive” Christianity.

            She then makes the considered decision to stay with her tradition. From my perspective, however, it is interesting to note that she implies that, of the members of her initially “evangelical” congregation, she and her husband were the only ones to do so. The rest of the congregation appear to have chosen the progressive path.

            This sort of process is at the heart of my programme of scholarships for theological students.  These are two starkly, one might say opposing, approaches to Christian faith. We have a choice of which we find the more satisfying. But that choice is going to be more firmly based if we have the knowledge to make an informed judgement. That can only be done if we are prepared to expose ourselves, as Ms Childers, has done, to both points of view.

            In that way I would hope no matter which path we choose. we can be more confident exponents of the Jesus Way we would hope to proclaim.

PS  The link to Alisa’s website is Alisa Childers I Blog . There is a long list of comments to her original article.

PS Those interested in discussion relevant to “progressive” Christianity may like to Google “UC Forum” or follow the link,


3 thoughts on “Is Progressive Christianity a threat to the church?

  1. Lesley

    No progressive Christianity is not a threat to the church. Or shouldn’t be. Anymore than any other different contemporary view is a threat to an existing situation . Think parents and their maturing kids. Faith is a very broad church and if M/s Childers’ beliefs are the foundation of her happy loving caring kind faith-centred life then who would want to dissuade her from them? What she hears are what I have heard; and I am wearied by them. But if those are the things she hears and the people who say them to her are kind and loving and tolerant and generous of spirit – well I am happy for them; I do not dismiss or denigrate what they say – but I find I no longer want to spend time arguing for or against – I accept that they think/ believe what they think/ believe- but traditional ?or progressive? It’s not an ownership issue. It’s not a question of who is right or wrong surely. It is really just a question of love – and love in all its meanings and manifestations is enough to hold any congregation together no matter how it is individually expressed . Lesley

  2. Jay

    I agree with Lesley. Wholeheartedly. This tiresome assumption that all Christians have to believe the same thing has been the cause of trouble across church communities for centuries. The uniting church with its diversity of belief should not insist people follow what’s not in the Bible. No. The Bible does not prescribe how we see God (God is way tok diverse) nor sexuality etc etc

  3. Ingrid M Hindell

    Agree wholeheartedly. The Old Testament used to scare me silly as a child; I didn’t like the vengeful god depicted therein. As an adult the UNITY organization – taught me to interpret it metaphysically and allegorically – using the JEWISH meanings of people and place names. What a relief!

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