Redcliffe Explorers next Seminar

With reference to the post: 5 signs your church might be heading towards Progressive Christianity

Greetings Redcliffe Explorers and fellow seekers

I originally thought of calling the next gathering’s topic ‘Looking back to our origins’ but decided that it sounded too much like a study of the early chapters of Genesis, and that ‘Looking back to our future’ might be a better – though perhaps more quirky – description!

We will reflect on how we as a group commenced exploring and talking about our various spiritual journeys by ‘re-living the questions’ that have led to our adoption of the ideals of ‘The Way’ of Jesus, through questioning, challenging, and in many cases jettisoning, some long-held theological beliefs. We’ll also examine an article by our respected exploring colleague and progressive bookseller Rodney Eivers, who comments on a posting by Alisa Childers titled ‘Five signs your church might be heading towards progressive Christianity’. Rodney poses the question as to whether this is a threat, a challenge or an opportunity. The Childers post and Rodney’s comments are both in the attachment.

I encourage you to look at the Childers article and bring some ideas to Monday’s discussion about any parts of it that you think deserve an airing – whether or not you agree with them!

As usual, we’ll gather between 6 and 8 p.m. on Monday 7th June, in the ground-floor activities room at the Azure Blue Retirement Complex, 91 Anzac Ave., Redcliffe. Everyone’s very welcome to participate in our lively discussions. If you haven’t been to our meetings before it would be wise to give me a call (3284 3688 or 0401 513 723) regarding access and parking arrangements.

The usual Covid-safe conditions will be observed, and of course you’re urged to stay at home if feeling unwell or get tested if you think you might have any Covid symptoms.




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