Changes at St James Uniting, Curtin, ACT

New name – revised mission.

St James has been one of the original and continuing flag bearers for Progressive Christianity in Australia.

The 10 am service on Sunday 7 February was the last service in that building under the name of St James. It was a time of joy and remembering, and a tribute to 57 years of faith and action. The reflection offered by Simon Clarke as part of that service can be found here.

On 14 February 2021, St James Uniting Church and South Woden Uniting Church merged to form Woden Valley Uniting Church.

The vision and mission statement for the new church is printed below and sets a standard for other congregations aspiring to be progressive.

The formal commissioning of Woden Valley Uniting Church took place on Sunday 14 February, in the hall at the Pearce Community Centre.

The first morning worship service of the newly merged congregation will be at Curtin at 10 am on Sunday 21 February – in person and on Zoom.

The location of morning worship services from March onwards will alternate monthly between Pearce and Curtin.

The range of activities, classes and small small group meetings that have been operating at Curtin up until now will continue – this includes Meditation and Gathering@6.


As followers of the Way of Jesus, within a Uniting Church congregation, we strive for a church community which is:
• Welcoming and hospitable to all regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, age,
circumstance or cultural background.
• Loving, compassionate and steadfast in our relationships with each other, supportive in pastoral care and offering encouragement for active participation and lay leadership.
• Honest and accountable to each other and to the communities we serve.
• Inclusive and creative in worship which nurtures faith and strengthens connections with each other, the sacred and the world.
• Serious and honest in our exploration of the Christian faith, respectful of the Bible and
informed by contemporary Biblical scholarship, while allowing room for questioning and doubt.
• Open to learning from other faith traditions, scientific revelation and contemporary
• Active in our support of our local communities.
• Fearless in advocacy and energetic in action in support of social justice, reconciliation,
peace and wise environmental stewardship, locally, nationally and globally.
• Acting ecumenically with other churches and other faith groups.
• A vibrant community of faith living out God’s love and acting for the common good to build a just and compassionate community.
• To be a welcoming, inclusive, progressive and outward looking Christian community that nurtures spirituality and faith and encourages service.
July 2020


6 thoughts on “Changes at St James Uniting, Curtin, ACT

  1. John Squires

    Thanks for posting this note. Here in Canberra Region Presbytery we are very excited about the possibilities that this newly-formed progressive Congregation offers!

  2. Paul Inglis Post author

    We get lots of requests for places that are progressive when people are travelling, John. It is good when we can answer their questions!

  3. John Squires

    Paul: also in Canberra, there is an openness to progressive viewpoints at Tuggeranong Uniting and Wesley Forrest (although both Congregations have the range of theological positions represented–but both are committed to being inclusive and open). And in terms of LGBTIQA+ matters, just about every Congregation here would be welcoming, inclusive, and supportive (with the occasional narky traditionalist who may raise there head in objection). Overall, the urban churches in this Presbytery (and certainly every Minister in placement) incline towards progressive inclusive openness. John

  4. Elizabeth Burns

    Thanks, Rex did a great job there. He still does with online information about services. Elizabeth Burns.

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