Seminar: Progressive Christian Network Queensland

Greeting friends in the Progressive Christian Network and other interested people.

It was good to gather with around 30 of us in November. I am not going to re-iterate all the adjectives that have been applied to the past 12 months. However, I do want to say: 

May 2021 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures.

PCN Explorers meets again on Wednesday 24th February at 10 am at Merthyr Road Uniting Church.

Sorry this is late notice, but I am hoping that you have the last Wednesday of each month as a recurring date in your electronic diary so that you will always have that date free for PCN Explorers. 

I have been wondering how we should start the year. Maybe since we last met together you have had some significant experiences around Christmas, New Year, Epiphany. The world is waiting to see how USA will respond to a new President. We are all waiting for a vaccine against Corona Virus to be available and wondering if it will be shared equally across the globe. The one thing that has been prominent in the news over the past few weeks in Queensland is the Youth Justice System, so I thought we might take some time to be better informed and to think through our response to calls for change. We are fortunate to have amongst our number Rev Wayne Sanderson who has been passionately involved in this area for a long time so I have asked him to share some insights with us on Feb 24th. Here is a little  teaser for the topic and Wayne will give us more background information for us to peruse prior to our session together. 


What are we dealing with here?  Start with late colonial baggage which has privileged punishment of offenders until the early 1990s.  Then consider the various circumstances in which 10-18 year old offenders live their lives:  deeply dysfunctional and dangerous families; Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; out-of-home-care burden; record expulsions from state schools; rural-regional disadvantage; historic substance addiction levels; Aboriginal dispossession and disadvantage; historic fragmentation of government services and interventions; substantial reforms since 2010.  Still want to lock them up and throw away the key?  How about Christian Social Values?  The Common Good?   Let’s discuss on 24 February?

Looking forward to getting together again. Some folk have been extending the fellowship time by having lunch together at Moray Cafe. You may want to consider making this part of your morning out. 

Ross is not able to set up tables and chairs now so if a couple of people could come about 9:50 to help with that it would be appreciated. I am also looking for a few people whop could bring a plate of food to share. When you reply to let me know you intend to attend, could you let me know if you are able to help with morning tea.

I look forward to meeting up again.
Kind regards
Desley Garnett
0409 498 403


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