2021 – Thinking about Resolutions

For your consideration:

New Year

by Roger Courtney 

As we start this New Year we acknowledge the potential for new beginnings – the field of unlimited possibilities. We resolve that we will:

Forgive those who have done us wrong and open the door to dialogue and improved relationships

Promote the inherent value and dignity of every person, particularly those who feel excluded

Promote social justice and compassion, particularly where there is hurt, fear or injustice

Strive for reconciliation and peace

Promote respect for the environment and the inter-dependence of all life

Search for the truth wherever it may lead


1 thought on “2021 – Thinking about Resolutions

  1. Brother Mac Campbell tssf

    “Strive for reconciliation and peace” leavesYou out the judgement calls implied by words like, “shake the dust”; “my time is not yet”; “as wise as serpents”. These point to failures in peacemaking, failures in reconciliation. Jesus was never reconciled with the temple authorities; or the Roman authorities. Not even an olive branch was appropriate. Rather provocation. There are times when agents of authorities are driven by policy to do harm. There are times when sociopathic persons know they will be protected by systems when they get away with harms. There are times when speaking up will not make things better, only worse. I’ve had enough of this Tooth Fairy Jesus in pastel colours. Let’s face the facts about reconciliation; it usually fails at great cost. If you can’t pay up, keep your head down, say yes to the values but don’t pretend it’s peacemaking. This describes me.

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