Online worship – St Michael’s UC Melbourne

Thanks to Ruth Eldridge for reminding the PCN gathering this week about the wonderful online progressive service each week from St Michael’s in Melbourne. Previous services are also available to view. Also available is the order of service. Enjoy the beautiful music the singer and the worship and message led by Rev Dr Margaret Mayman.

Here is the link: St Michael’s Melbourne.


1 thought on “Online worship – St Michael’s UC Melbourne

  1. Paul Inglis Post author

    Relayed message: Thanks Paul,
    I’ve been enjoying the services from St Michaels for several months now, and I’m very glad they won’t stop being on-line, now the church doors are open.
    I’ve also been participating in the ‘Paint the Stars’ DVD and discussion via Zoom over the past 7 weeks. I am very lucky to have these resources available to me.
    Kind regards

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